Desiree Crosbie

Desiree Crosbie was born and raised in New Zealand, Auckland, and lives and creates art in Pokeno. Preferring a minimalist lifestyle she currently lives on her family farm, embracing nature, her love for her rescue animals, organic permaculture, and especially the “beautiful role of all beings in our world” which influences her dreams that are then created into art. 
As an emerging artist she experiments constantly with several different mediums and art forms which include recycled wearable art, digital art, costume design for Armageddon, and photography. Primarily developing her digital art style Desiree began expressing her dreams, desires, and messages in her recent pieces. She only creates what she dreams, and leaves the floor open for interpretation.
Note from festival organiser Jane Crosbie:
Desiree designed our original Pokeno Art Festival e-poster. We got a lot of wonderful feedback from the poster. People said it put them in a happy place the instant they saw it. They thought it had a real positive energy and buzz. A unique vibe. Viewers gave so many different interpretations on what it meant. Some said they felt humbled looking at it. People saw their life’s journey with all the different colours representing different stages, different experiences on their journey.
Other people saw the Bombay Hills in the background, and the Waikato river in the foreground, with Pokeno in the middle. The festival is extremely grateful for Desiree’s talent and design skills.