East of Bali the Exotic Garden

Lush, serene, and tranquil, East of Bali is a garden abundant with greenery, texture, and colour. Inspired by Bali, and the Balinese belief that nature is a reflection of the Creator, East of Bali reflects the Balinese innate sense of harmony, and belief that our gardens are extensions of ourselves.

In the centre is a water feature, a Buddha pond set amongst palms creating a tranquil space. Fish shimmy under the ponds surface, creating vibrant ripples of colour. The pond provides a cooling atmosphere in Summer, instantly soothing and relaxing.

Gazebos around the pond entice the natural feel of the garden, helping to extend the use of the garden year round. Stepping stones to the Buddha pond allow for slow meandering and thoughtful meditation.  
Reflecting Bali‘s focus on art and sculpture, East of Bali displays a range of art created by local, as well as Balinese artists.
East of Bali also has a small orchard, and behind a charming distressed painted wooden gate, a healthy sized vegetable garden combines with a relaxing potting shed, the owners ‘Sheila Shed’, to bring the garden to life.
We hope you enjoy and are inspired by  East of Bali‘s ethos of connecting deeply with your environment.