Farley the Informal Garden

There was nothing here when the owner of this garden first arrived, just a bare paddock which became her blank canvas. Since then she has named her garden Farley after the village where she was born in England.

Farley is an intimate, enclosed garden in an informal, but highly organised space, with a sense of openness as you are drawn around the property. Farley has a gracious, understated subtle beauty combined with a dynamic impact and energy.

The garden has developed over the last 8 years into lawns surrounded by ordered well proportioned borders.. A large bank planted with trees in Farleys first years, has expanded into a varied collection of foliage plants that provide year round structural interest. Farley started as cuttings from the owner’s previous garden, and from friends. Then it “grew like Topsy – very informally,” the owner says, into a fusion of the different places and people in her life.

The gardens dynamic but restrained colour harmony achieves a restfulness using shrubs of different leaf shapes,sizes, and colours against a backdrop of green, The large bank of shrubs, set inside beautiful stone boulders, harmonise with softly coloured flowers, ensuring something is in bloom all year round.

The garden features a greenhouse,in addition to raised vegetable beds, a small orchard, and a woodland area of native and other trees. Farly is also home to 3 cats and 3 ducks.

We hope you enjoy the informal beauty of this lovely country garden, which the owner continues to expand as time and energy permit.