Pokeno Garden Ramble

Thank you for visiting our Pokeno Garden Ramble page. Our gardeners are looking forward to meeting you. 

Gardens are works of art created by talented people. Some are charming. Some are eccentric. Some are controversial. Some even challenge you to think outside the square. But they are all full of character, all beautiful in their own way, with their own unique personalities, and their own stories to tell.

It takes a generous soul to open their garden to the public. Gardens are private sanctuaries. Magical, dramatic, inspired spaces that reflect our lifestyles, our quirky design choices, our authentic tastes.

Gardening is indisputably an art form, one of the most difficult, because gardens are living works of art, constantly growing, changing, evolving. We are not in total control of them. Gardens are as much an expression of themselves, and of their environments, as they are of the talented gardeners who express themselves artistically through them.
Our gardens are where we relax and reflect on our day, catch the breeze, and watch the sunset. Where we listen to the evening quiet, and let nature soothe our souls.  
We hope you enjoy the wide spectrum of gardens on view in our Pokeno Garden Ramble. They range from cottage gardens to potagers, from large sprawling country gardens to small hidden gems.
We hope you enjoy our garden owners too, who have so generously given their time to this event. All gardeners understand the trials and errors, the disappointments as well as the dreams that are part of the learning curve to becoming a better gardener. There is something immensely satisfying about having your own garden space, no matter how small that may be. Our gardens heal us. They are miracles in repose. 

As our gardeners open their private spaces to the public they enjoy seeing the pleasure others derive from their efforts. We hope you are inspired as you visit our Pokeno Garden Ramble gardens. We also hope you make new friends meeting other gardeners and sharing their ideas and interests. 

We are proud to say 100% of the proceeds from our garden ramble are poured back into the Pokeno Community through Pokeno Lions Club and Saint Marys on the Hill church. Pokeno Garden Ramble will be on February 19th and 20th, 2022. Tickets are available on our tickets page.
Now let our gardens and gardeners inspire you   ….. welcome  …..  and enjoy!

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We wish to thank Chris Pullin, who dreamed the Pokeno Garden Ramble into being. Without Chris there would be no Pokeno Garden Ramble.

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