Jane Crosbie

Jane Crosbie is a New Zealand artist who has exhibited internationally. She first attracted international recognition when chosen in 1998 as the official ANZ-Grindlays Bank equine artist in Dubai. 

Selected from artists all over the world, Crosbie set a precedent by being the only artist ever chosen to represent the ANZ-Grindlays Bank Group as their official Middle East equine artist. A feat made all the more remarkable considering to date no other artist has been awarded this very prestigious honour. 
Since then Crosbies work has sold all over the world. Her paintings grace homes from Asia to Australasia, from the USA to the UK, from the Middle East to Europe. Her international reputation and versatility as an artist has led to some interesting collaborations. International film-makers and designers have used her art in fund-raisers for the homeless. New Zealand animal welfare groups such as the Kaimanawa Heritage Horses Organisation and DC Dog Rescue also use her art to raise funds for their charities. Crosbies work has been used by designers to grace luggage, clothing, cups, t-shirts, handbags, hoodies, calendars, sportswear, and stationery, in addition to posters and fine art.
Her international popularity is due to her philosophy that art is about seduction. Artists must learn the arts of enticement. In a single flash of vision artists can show you the whole world, because artists see visions that other people can’t see.
Crosbie paints for lovers of colour. Her palette is rich, powerful, passionate, intense. Crosbies buyers say it is the energy that first attracts them to her work. Her paintings vibrate and seethe with energy. Buyers speak about that first frozen instant when the painting stakes its claim on you and draws you in with the strength of the artist’s passion.They speak of the power of her art, the strong, positive, high octane, even explosive energy within her dynamic paintings.
Crosbie paints emotion rather than realism. She takes an image, a photo or a scene and makes it her own. Rather than stick with the undertones of realism, Crosbie rages and races through a vibrant spectrum of colour and tone. She paints excitement, exhilaration, pure power, and raw emotion in her trademark intense bold colours. 
She uses colour to enhance depth of perception, colour with a flair for the dramatic, colour with imagination and beauty. So the viewer can forego analysis and just enjoy the colours for the emotions they invoke.
Each of Crosbies paintings is unique in its own way, because she paints in several styles, from impressionism to abstract to realism. The strong similarity that ties them all together and lets you know they were all created by the same artist is their palette.
Crosbie has vast interests, having studied several different academic dsciplines over the years. Upon leaving school she went to art school at AUT, (then called ATI). In her 20’s she worked with Youthline as a crisis counsellor and also became a community worker. In her 30’s she studied towards a B.Sc. degree at Massey University majoring in Chemistry, but also studied creative writing, literature, and geology at Massey. In her 40’s she studied towards a metallurgy degree specialising in welding. In her 50’s she studied horticulture at Hawkes Bay Polytech. She also studied Civil Engineering at MIT.
She is known internationally for her fearlessness in painting equine art in unconventional ways. Why paint horses people often ask her? Because they’re naked she replies. They’re so transparent horses can’t hide their emotions. They feel things so intensely that they express their emotions in every fibre of their being. Every muscle in their body trembles as they express their feelings, whether they feel joy, or sorrow, or freedom, or exhilaration. As such horses become a visual language for the artist to express emotion. Of course they’re incredibly beautiful animals as well.
Jane lives in Pokeno and invites you to visit her Pokeno studio to enjoy her art.
Her gallery is open by appointment only to allow her time to paint and work on commissions undisturbed. Please ring to arrange an appointment to visit. To see her latest art visit her FaceBook page.

Sponsor of the Pokeno Art Festival & Garden Ramble