Loch Views the Secluded Garden

This garden shows what can be done in a compact space. Created on a 564 sqm site with a 200 sqm home, Loch Views is a vision of abundance in a small area.

The garden’s structure is simple. A variety of small trees different in foliage, shape, and colour complement the house, as a starting point for an assembly of plants that shows the owners eye for design.
At the front of the house lies a professionally formed garden with boulders, and plantings of camelias, daisies, succulents, and alstromerias. A courtyard at the back forms an intimate entertainment area, where an outdoor table and chairs bridge the transition from house to garden. Raised beds run parallel to the house behind a container garden of masses of plants. Both provide vertical interest at different levels. A backbone of clipped hedge on the other side of the courtyard acts as a screen amidst plantings of hydrangeas, fuschias, and annuals.
Though everything is seen at close range the garden cannot be seen in its entirety from any one viewpoint. The pale colours of the courtyard offset seasonal shows of colour against backdrops of green, intermingled with favourite plants.
The owner could be termed a botanist, adding loved plants as the mood takes her. She has had to condense her most loved plants into a small garden of restrained colour harmonies and textural contrasts.
This is a plant lover’s garden. It exudes great care and attention in the maintenance of all its plants. Nothing has been left to chance. The result is pure delight. The owner welcomes you into her small secluded delectable garden.