Phil Crosbie

Phil Crosbie is an international award winning stainless steel craftsman. For the last 35 years Phil has worked with architects and top design firms in Australasia who have commissioned him to create and install work throughout Australasia and the Pacific.
Phil has made an international name for himself as an artist without taking the traditional path via the established gallery system. Though he has spent over 50 years honing his skills as a master craftsman he has had no formal art training. He is entirely self taught.
Phil creates sculptures inspired by poignant turning points in his life. He is greatly inspired by New Zealand flora, and Maori culture.
Phil is driven by technical perfection as well as aesthetic beauty and his desire to perfect the structural form of his sculptures. His sophisticated stainless steel sculptures are sleek, elegant, timeless works of art, created unashamedly as timeless works of beauty. 
He lives in Pokeno and he and his wife artist Jane Crosbie will be opening their own sculpture park on their property in Pokeno in the future.

Sponsor of the Pokeno Art Festival & Garden Ramble