Robyns Nest the Healers Garden

Robyns Nest, set on a hillside looking over to Mt William, used to be a bird and animal sanctuary. Robyn worked with the SPCA rehabilitating and healing wild birds, and any other animal that ended up on her doorstep. It was a healing place. Hence the name Robyns Nest.

Full of roses, perennials, natives and handsome trees, Robyns Nest has that nostalgic ‘far from the worries of the world’ atmosphere characteristic of country gardens. It is a healing garden with the owner focusing on the physical aspects of Rongoa, the traditional medicinal properties of native plants.

Walking through the front gate, the sight of Robyns country villa whisks visitors back to a bygone era. The garden is a kaleidoscope of plants, flowers, and textures. Everything flowers so beautifully in Robyns garden. It is a happy place. It has the magical feeling of a healing place.

Her planting style is informal, with roses, hydrangeas and dahlias planted to remind her of the scents and colours of her childhood. The gardens follow the contours of her land. To the left of the front gate is a small paddock where natives, Manuka, Kawakawa, Hebe and Harakeke (NZ flax) surround Robyn’s mini zoo, her menagerie of pets. These plants are favourites of all the local birdlife ensuring the garden is constantly filled with birdsong.

The deck overlooks a pond at the rear of the villa, a wildlife area with cottage gardens and wildflowers around the pond, providing a haven for butterflies and bees. Mixed borders flowing around the villa are layered with a cast of successive seasonal blooms. Spring time is full of colour and scents, plants massed for spectacular effect, spring bulbs followed by daylilies and roses, daisies and dahlias in summer and autumn, a constantly changing kaleidoscope as the different seasonal flowers come to life.

All year round Robyn conducts a symphony of bloom at Robyns nest. She welcomes you to her congenial country garden in a beautiful nostalgic country atmosphere.