The Formal Country Garden

A reflection of the owners desire for a colourful contemporary country garden, this meticulous 1 HA (2.47 acre) property evokes all the beauty of large country gardens from the past. This elegant stylish garden of exquisite detail, set in the countryside of Ramarama, takes you by surprise.

The visitors journey begins with a 200 metre drive lined by liquidamber trees, leading to a garden of extensive lawns, specimen trees and formal trimmed hedges with colourful underplantings.

The impeccably clipped hedges are living architecture, a classical background against which roses, silver leafed plants, and herbaceous perennials display their Summer glory. In Winter the substantial hedges remain, their structural presence making up for the lack of flowers then.

Informal border plantings of exuberant perennials within the gardens formal framework, adds a pleasant contrast, and an abundance of trees of differing sizes adds vertical scale and height. The lawn is punctuated by a large pergola festooned with climbing roses, and contemporary art providing focal points.

This is a garden that delights the eye by being attractive all year round. From any point the beauty of this garden can be admired in a leisurely way.

The owners welcome you to come enjoy the heady scent of roses mingling with the fragrance of many other floral perfumes, in their beautiful colourful contemporary country garden.