The Large Country Garden

This garden, a mix of formal and informal areas, is a wonderful outdoor living space with several interesting zones to explore and relax in. The owners bought the property a year ago and became the proud owners of a beautiful established country garden.

They have touched the grounds lightly, choosing to enhance the properties existing landscape components rather than bring change. The grounds combine formal aspects but with a relaxed country feel and the owners are keen to continue the gardens rich legacy. 

The garden’s mix of shrubs and flowers, native bush walkways, and tree-lined paths is given cohesion and structure  by simple elements of formality in its design. 
Strong shapes, outlines, and formal vistas draw the eye, while expanses of lawn, clipped hedges and topiary shaped as sentinels give a sense of timelessness and grandeur to the garden.

While the owners have made a few changes and given the garden their own personal touches complimenting the original garden, they have worked to respect and preserve the gardens original design and highlight some of its classic features, such as its beautiful symmetry and its living sculpture, its topiary.

Topiary as an art form goes back to Roman times and beyond. It has been in and out of fashion over the centuries but was revived and kept alive by the British Arts and Crafts Movement in the 19th century. It is now appreciated and cultivated in both humble cottage gardens as well as the gentrified cottage and formal gardens of aristocracy.
Archeological evidence of topiary exists, as well as writings of the Roman consul Pliny the Younger, who described the topiary in his own garden in detail in the first century AD. Pliny the Younger wrote about the pleasure gardens of Roman villas being laid out in formal Italian designs with clipped trees, topiary and shrubs. 

When you move past the topiary into the garden’s more informal areas the sense of openness and progression draws you into walkways and secret enclosures planted with romantic profusions of flowers. Glimpses through openings in hedges and gateways act as gentle transitions through to native walkways, shade tunnels, rock gardens, and tree lined paths.

While the owners are very happy with their garden, they will continue improving and developing it with new focal points. They welcome you to explore the peace, serenity, and beauty of their lovely country garden which is both contemporary and respectful of the past.