The Practical Drought Resistant Garden

Bruce and Diana’s pretty garden expresses their own individual sense of style. A work in progress, the garden is not just an expression of its owners, but a response to circumstance, use, and location.

When they first took over the property 4 years ago it was a blank canvas. They quickly set to work to plan a garden that had plenty of colour, was attractive to the birds, relatively easy to maintain, and practical.

They have created a low maintenance garden that is very relevant to modern home owners conscious of the need to conserve natural resources like water.

A beautiful low maintenance drought tolerant garden that sits in harmony with its environment is the dream of many a home owner. The trick to achieving this is to avoid thirsty plants and minimise evaporation.  These owners chose drought resistant plants that thrive despite limited water.

Diana and Bruce have created a balanced composition that follows the contour of the land, providing year round interest. They have planted an assortment of trees, shrubs, and perennials of varying tones, providing a sequence of colours that lead your eye around the garden.

Tough New Zealand natives blended with proteas and leucadendrons in the garden provide visual depth, while accents are created with colourful roses, annuals and perennials, and pots of colour to add a sense of drama. The deck provides a quiet place to sit and soak up the surrounding nature and wildlife.

As the icing on the cake the gardens main vista is the added bonus of wonderful views of Auckland city.

The final result is a dream come true garden relevant to today’s busy home owners, filled with low maintenance splendour. Diana and Bruce look forward to welcoming you in their garden.