The Romance of the Rose

Our gardens are dynamic places to get creative. This garden built on several levels to handle a steep site, ensures you are propelled to newer views as you weave your way through the property. Below the driveway at the top, in descending terraces, areas of natives and an orchard have been developed, punctuated by a lawn which provides green relief from the colourful gardens below. 

The vibrant exuberance of flower borders by the house is a stimulating contrast to the natives and the restful lawns. The borders are packed with roses, annuals and perennials in pretty profusion, all jostling healthily together in an irrepressible display of floral exuberance. The imaginative use of levels creates a vista of delights awash with vibrant striking colour. The moment you walk by the beautiful rose garden in Summer your senses are heightened and exhilarated. The romance of the rose, its beauty, colour and scent, is a love affair in this garden. 

Rose gardens date back to the ancient palaces of Rome, Persia and Egypt. From antiquity the rose has been a symbol of love and beauty. Legend has it that Cleopatra scattered her boudoir with an inch deep of rose petals.  But the rose is much older than the human race. 

The flower originated in Central Asia 60 million years ago. Fossils have been found in Oregon and Colorado that have been dated to 30 million years. Around 5000 years ago the Chinese began cultivating it – now it is cultivated the world over.    

The most practical appeal of the rose is that we can all grow them. Their beautiful fragile flowers bely their hardiness. 

An interest in roses can easily become an obsession. But in this garden the enthusiasm is balanced by other varieties of flowers, natives, and orchard trees. Always a work in progress, while the owners are happy with their varied garden, they are constantly improving it. They welcome you to visit and share their love of gardening.