Willem, Monique and Chante

Willem, Monique and Chante will be exhibiting at:
11.McIntosh Drive
Kowhai Downs

Willem Fourie, Monique Groenewald and Chante Fourie are 3 family members who share the desire to paint together – Our passion is to paint authentic pieces.  Our work is displayed under Fourie Art on Facebook.  Generally, our work is for sale unless a piece was created for someone specifically.

About Willem:  I enjoy the creativity of art and the ability to express something through art, be that tranquillity, power or just nature.  I tend to paint whatever I like at the time so my portfolio is really all over the show but hopefully there is something for everyone.  I am somewhat of an impatient painter so prefer acrylic paints to slow drying oil paints. What I enjoy most is the father-daughter time with my two daughters.  If you like what I do then that is a bonus!

About Monique: I graduated with a bachelor’s art degree in 2009 and I specialise as a watercolour and/or acrylic artist. My portfolio currently consists of still life, fauna and flora type subject matter. I like to explore spectrums of colour e.g. monochrome paintings as well as rich, bold coloured paintings. In acrylics I like to exaggerate brush strokes and create areas of texture for a more 3D effect. I started an artist collective studio space with my father, Willem Fourie and my sister, Chante Fourie. Together we paint in a make-shift studio based in Pokeno. We collaboratively engage with each other’s pieces to better perfect our individual artistic style. 

 About Chante: I predominantly paint in oils as I love the depth of colour and texture that can be created through this medium. My portfolio consists mostly of landscapes and female figures, but I will generally paint whatever inspires me at the time. For me, Painting is best at the end of a long day’s work as a way to unwind.